Tournament of Chance

Tournament of Chance - S.G. Rogers With just a cursory glance at this book's cover, I could not resist the opportunity to read and review it. I was most intrigued by the fantastical element of dragons, which to me are not as popular as they used to be with the prominence of vampires, shapeshifters, and werewolves in literary works today. When books have such an refreshing outtake I am more inclined to read them, so thanks S.G. Rogers for standing apart from the norm.What I enjoyed most about Tournament of Chance is its presence of a strong heroine - Heather. Though her boldness and sharp tongue could be translated as impertinence, Heather proves to be an admirable character. At times, I wish she let her guard down a bit, but her cleverness, dexterity, and toughness, reminded me of why a girl like Heather is the way she is. Heather, like Elizabeth Bennett from Pride & Prejudice, challenges the conventions of society. When she is cheated of an archery tournament hosted by the conniving King Chance because of her "commoner" status, Heather ignites a revolution - one that will put her and her friends in danger.What really propels her development (and the overall plot) are the sparks that fly between her and Dane - and I mean both antagonistic and romantic sparks. Dane is a Prince of the ancient, magical dynasty, the Ormvalders. He and two other Ormvalders are reawakened into the present, and they plan to restore the power of the rest of the Ormvalders so that they may be strengthened before they too re-awake. It is obvious that Heather and Dane share a mutual attraction, but it is Heather's hardheadedness, and Dane's initial smugness that cause their early conflicts. If you are into romance, Dane and Heather will have you chuckling, rolling your eyes, and eventually sighing.The plot of Tournament of Chance is also enjoyable. It is extremely fast-paced. There is so much going on, and sometimes I felt a bit overwhelmed. Despite that, I was still interested in reading more. Readers will love the dynamics of the various plot-lines, and the twists that occur. I think the atmospheres could have been described better, but the plot is so engrossing at some instances that I did not really care for a strong buildup of the characters' emotions and surroundings. Also, the inclusion of exclusive creatures and lands remind me of how unique and expansive fantasy can be. Rogers' creativity really shined throughout this book, and I am sure many will appreciate it.My biggest problem with the novel is its good writing style Note, I said good. I really wish the writing was more outstanding. That would have made Tournament of Chance an even better book. With such a unique cast of characters and plot, I think it deserved more eloquence. I found the writing to be rudimentary at times, and this greatly disappointed me. I think it needed a little more oomph, but it was okay.*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.**This review appeared first on Oh, Chrys!