Undertow - Kiri Newton When I read the blurb for Undertow by Kiri R. Newton, I was expecting a read that I would instantaneously fall in love with. It is not often that I read books about mermaids. This is probably the second. Unfortunately, Undertow did not captivate me the way I expected it to have. Perhaps I put too much hope in it because of the intriguing blurb.Expecting a unique read, I was disappointed with the overplayed and predictable plot. For instance, there were many allusions to Twilight, a saga that I abhor. One of the characters is described as being hotter than Edward Cullen. I dislike when authors do this because it seems as though they are trying to enthrall readers by mentioning a memorable character. I am sure many readers will gush at these instances, but it made me frustrated.Another thing that made Undertow such a difficult read for me was the gullible and unbelievable Zoe. While on her flight to the US, the plane crashes. However, the only reason she is alive is because Josiah, a merman, has bitten her neck. Apparently, a mermaid can revive someone from the dead once in their lifetime, but the catch is that the revived will become a mermaid. This fantastical element can easily be associated with vampires, and I think the idea of this was very creative. However, Zoe is not freaked out about this. Instead she embraces being a mermaid minutes after she finds out about it and she is swooned by Josiah’s nakedness. I literally rolled my eyes during this scene, which was supposed to propel the plot.I know by now you are thinking that I have nothing positive to say about the book. Well, you guessed wrong. Though the novel had a rough and difficult start, the plot did heighten at certain parts. Readers soon learn that after this encounter, Zoe gets on with her normal life. That is until Josiah, the naked merman, comes back into the picture. He needs Zoe to help save the mermaid realm. How cool is that? This is where Zoe’s characterization improves. Rather than being the sappy teen who opened the book, she is a heroine. Sadly, the epilogue of Undertow brought me right back down to the mood I felt when I read the first few chapters of the book. It ends very suspenseful – too suspenseful. Sequel, maybe?As for the style of the writing, it was nothing to rave about. There are some scenes that are described masterfully, and I am sure Newton has more in store for us.Undertow was an okay read for me. With such a creative fantasy world, I really anticipated a consistent and intriguing plot. I just wish that I got into the book a little earlier than I did. I am sure other readers will.